Best gifts for girlfriend

100 Gifts for a girlfriend

Unique Gifts for a girlfriend

#1. Vase


Girls always like to decorate their surroundings with fancy and beautiful things. So, the vase can be a good option to gift to your girlfriend and make her happy.

#2. Crockery Set

One or the other day, a crockery set is surely gonna come to use. Also, for a girlfriend, it is one appropriate gift as girls generally look out for the kitchen and related stuff and, thus can manage the crockery set well.

#3. Cooking Set

Cooking item

To make the family happy and full, it is important to serve delicious food to them, which is possible only with a proper cooking set. Therefore, you can gift a cooking set to your girl so that she prepares tasty food for everyone.

#4. Kitchen Utensils

If your girlfriend is fond of cooking, then you can go for some kitchen utensils to gift her as no amount of kitchen utensils can be enough for an individual who loves to cook.

#5. Nail Paint

Girls are never tired of painting their nails with different colours of nail paints, and a set of nails paints is going to prove worth for her.

#6. Fitness Tracker

Best Girlfriend Gifts

If your girlfriend is very much into fitness and stuff, you can gift her a fitness tracker to let her track her fitness.

#7. Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is a wireless speaker that has an inbuilt virtual assistant. It plays the songs on the owner’s voice command. One can gift this to their girlfriend to make her command the speaker and listen to her favourite songs at any time of the day.

#8. MP3 player

An MP3 player is a small and compact device that can easily be fit into a small purse of your girl to allow her to listen to her favourite tracks on the go.

#9. Plant

best Girlfriend Gifts

While providing oxygen to your loved one, a plant will also help to keep the surroundings pollution free. You can go for an indoor plant that she can keep easily on her workstation or her bedroom.

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#10. Pendant

Girls are so fond of jewellery and pendant and are a great option to gift. You can check for a variety of designs to gift her. You can also gift one having the design of her initials.

#11. Keyring

You can give a couple keyring to your girlfriend, whose one part will remain with her and another with you. This will always remind her of you.

#12. Footwear

A nice pair of shoes or heels can be gifted to a girlfriend. Go for the one that would match most of her outfits.

#13. Bracelet

Best Girlfriend Gifts

You can buy a nice bracelet for your girlfriend. These come in a variety of designs and colors to choose from.

#14. Phone Docking Station

To keep her phone safe all the time, you can gift her a phone docking station. With this, she is gonna find her phone easily on a messy table. Also, many of docking stations come with inbuilt charger system to charge the phone apart from keeping it in a safe position.

#15. Anti Theft Backpacks

An anti-theft backpack will help to keep all her stuff and belongings safe with her all the time.

#16. Rucksack

If your girlfriend likes to go to places where so much one needs to walk much, like treks, then you can gift her a rucksack. This would be easily carried on her shoulders and would include most of her stuff conveniently.

#17. Wine Glass set

Best girlfriend gifts

A wine glass set is never out of fashion to gift to someone. She would use it for some parties or gatherings where people would like to drink wine.

#18. Aromatic Diffuser

Good and pleasant smiles are liked by everybody and also helps to calm the mind. So, gift her an aromatic diffuser to make her surrounds feel fresh all the time.

Creative gifts for girlfriend

#19. Coffee Brewing Machine

If she is a coffee person, a coffee brewing machine is going to prove a blessing for her. This would let her brew coffee seeds at any time and make a fresh coffee out of them.

#20. Makeup Kit

All girls use some kind of makeup on their skin. You can go for a branded or non-branded makeup kit to gift your girlfriend. Also, these come to suit all the budget types, so you don’t have to worry about the price tag.

#21. Hair Straightener

Hair Straightner

Those perfect locks are so gorgeous and are craved by most of the girls. Gift her a handy and good quality straightener to make her hair look beautiful all the time.

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#22. Curling machine

Everyone likes to do some changes in their look. So, if your girl has straight hair naturally, you can gift her a curling machine. This would help her to be creative with her look with some curled hair.

#23. Yoga Mat

Best girlfriend gifts

If your girlfriend is a fan of yoga and loves to do it regularly, gift her a comfortable yoga mat to encourage her to do more of it. Yoga is good for one’s body and helps in proper blood circulation.

#24. Apron

An apron is used to keep one’s clothes clean while doing any work that could spoil them. You can gift her an apron to use while cooking, painting or doing any other related work.

#25. Martini Set

For the all the mocktail lover girlfriends, martini set is going to prove very useful for them. They would be able to make their drinks look fancier with this one.

#26. Magazine Subscription

You can gift a fashion magazine or any other kind of magazine that your girl likes with a subscription of a year or two.

#27. Mattress

A comfortable mattress is required for that healthy sleep. Go for the one from a well-known brand to gift to your girlfriend.

Creative birthday gifts for girlfriend

#28. Mobile

A new mobile phone as a gift is liked by everybody. Gift her a mobile having all the latest features that she could use and appreciate.

#29. Camera

best gifts for girlfriends

Which girl doesn’t like to click clear pictures? So, a camera is a great option to gift to your girl to make her pictures look flawless every time.

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#30. Virtual Reality Headsets

In this era of advanced technology, give her a virtual experience by gifting her the virtual reality headsets that she would use to play games or do other related work.

#31. Laptop

Be it the office going people or people of any other profession, in today’s life, everybody feels a need for a laptop. Thus, you can gift her a laptop with the latest features to make her life easier.

#32. Tablet

Tablets are the handy screens that can be easily carried anywhere. Gift one such tablet to your girlfriend that could replace the need for a carrying laptop all the time and could easily come inside her handbag.

#33. Night Socks

Navy Sports: best gifts for girlfriend

Comfortable clothes are required for that sound sleep. And, socks are a very crucial part of the nightwear. So, gift her a soft and comfortable pair of night socks to wear while sleeping.

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#34. Box of tea leaves

You can for different types and flavours of tea leaves for your girl. Either choose all separately by yourself and pack it in a box or buy a ready-made package from the market to gift her.

#35. Good Pocket Comb

Gift her a small and handy pocket comb to your girlfriend to let her manage her hair any time without any hassle.

Romantic birthday gifts for girlfriend

#36. Floating Candles

Candles look so beautiful and the floating ones just act as a cherry on the top. Gift this very romantic and beautiful gift to please her eyes with such attractive surroundings with lit up floating candles.

#37. Earrings

If a girl is not fond of any kind of jewellery, some or other day she might go for a pair of earrings to modify her look a bit. So, earrings would act as a great gift for your girlfriend whether she wears jewellery or not.

#38. Bangles

Bangles can be gifted in any number, be it two or twelve, it will always add all that sparkle to your girl’s hands without many efforts.

#39. Clutch

You can gift her a casual looking or a formal looking clutch. Must check for which one is required and gift her.

#40. Handbag/Purse

There has to be a handbag matching with each outfit and, thus, a girl can never have enough of them. Gift her a handbag to match her most of the outfits.

#41. Vanity Box

To keep her makeup safe and easy to carry, vanity box is a great option to gift to your girlfriend.

#42. Winter Hoodie

You can gift her a hoodie as it is the most comfortable winter wear that would keep her warm by protecting her from all those cold winds.

#43. Hand Gloves

Hand gloves come in varied designs and colors and keep one’s hands and fingers warm. Gift her a pair of gloves with a cute design on it.

#44. Dress (Saree, gown, etc.)

Clothes are always needed by all the girls and women. So, look out for a saree, gown, short or a long dress to gift her.

Surprise gifts for girlfriend

#45. Spa Vouchers

To make her mind and body feel relaxed from the busy schedules and tiring days, gift her few spa vouchers. This would definitely refill all the lost energy and would help to change her mood from bad to good.

#46. Amazon Gift Cards

best gift for girlfriend Amazon

What is there that one cannot find on Amazon? So, gift her the Amazon gift cards and let her do all the shopping of the required and not so required stuff.

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#47. Headphones

Headphones would let your girlfriend listen to songs, watch movies or do her work without any disturbance from the surroundings.

#48. Smartwatch

Apart from adding style to her personality, a smartwatch would also make her life easier by allowing her to do a lot many things like that of a phone without actually taking the mobile out of the bag.

#49. Wall Art

You can gift her a unique design of wall art that she would fix on the wall. It can be something religious as well in order to bring positivity to the environment.

#50. Gym Equipment (shirts, gym wear )

If your girl is fond of sports and goes to the gym regularly, then gift her the gym equipment like gym wear, sipper, etc. to make her workout

#51. Knife Set

You can gift your girl a knife set as a good quality knife set would make her work in the kitchen easier by cutting and chopping food in the kitchen quickly and without many efforts.

#52. Personalized diary

Many people like to write daily thoughts in a diary to let their feelings out. If your girlfriend has the same habit then you can gift her a personalized diary. It can also be used for writing general other things as well.

Romantic gift ideas for girlfriend

#53. Musical Instrument

Any musical instrument that she likes to play or have always dreamt of learning can be gifted to her. This would turn out to be a great romantic gift for your girlfriend if she likes music.

#54. Chocolate Box

Best Gift for girlfriends

Chocolates are a perfect gift for any occasion. Be it her birthday, your anniversary or any other special occasion, gift her a box full of different flavours or chocolates and see the magic with a big smile on her face.

#55. Personal Air cooler

A personal air cooler is somewhat portable than a big air cooler and, thus, can be carried anywhere easily. So, you can gift an air cooler to your girlfriend that she would keep in her surroundings like home or even at the workplace without any hassle.

#56. Poster

You can gift her a poster of her favourite actor, musician, sportsperson, or of any other person or thing that she likes and could hang it on the wall of the room where she spends most of the time.

#57. Unique Scented Candle

Go for her favorite fragrance and purchase a customized and unique scented candle of it. This would make her feel special that you have given her a unique scented candle, which nobody else has.

#58. Soft Scarf

Best gift for girlfriend

Scarf protects the skin from the scorching sun while out of the home and also completes many outfit looks. Go for a very soft one for her that has vibrant colors.

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#59. Pyjama Set for Night

Gift your girlfriend a very comfy and soft material of pyjama set to wear at night. Every time she will wear it, it would make her remind of you.

#60. Jacket

You can go for a leather jacket to gift to your girl as they are always in the trend. Give her a one with a classy look and of the color she likes.

#61. Sweater

A sweater would also keep your girlfriend all warm and cozy during winters. So, you can gift her a sweater to protect her body during the winter season.

#62. Ethnic Wear

Many girls love wearing ethnic clothes on casual as well as formal occasions. Gift her one such ethnic outfit that would suit her the most.

#63. Leather belt

Gift her a stylish leather belt that would go with most of her outfits and make her outfit look good.

#64. Personalized Cushion

Best gift for girlfriend

Personalized gifts are always very special. You can go for a personalized cushion in sparkling colors. You can also add few words to it of your choice.

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#65. Sneakers

Sneakers are very comfortable yet stylish to wear. Also, they come in varied colors and designs, so that you can choose the best one for your girl.

#66. Photo Coasters

Customize a few of your duo pictures on the photo coasters and gift it to her.

#67. Bouquet

Flowers can never go wrong to gift to a girl as they always add pleasant smell and vibes to the surroundings.

#68. Sound Wave Art

If your girlfriend likes music and has some technical understanding about it, you can gift her a sound wave art. The wave could be of her or you saying special words or of any other sound that could relate to you both.

#69. Books

You can gift her books related to her profession or academics. Also, novels can be gifted or any other book that you want her to read.

#70. Full-size mirror

A girl cannot live her life without a mirror. It is required to do the touch-ups, corrections and what not. And, in a full sized mirror, your girlfriend would be able to look at her whole look easily and work on the required changes.

#71. Sunglasses

Best gift for girlfriend

Sunglasses add some sense of style to one’s look and a different one is required to create different looks. They come in so many designs and every other day a new design of sunglass comes into the trend. So, check for the latest design to gift to your girlfriend.

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#72. Wallets

Gift a wallet to her that would keep all her money safe and secure. Wallets come in a variety of designs and colours so, choose a very lightweight one for her to carry around easily.

#73. Personalized Jugs

Print her name, any quote, her initials, etc. on a jug and gift it to her.

#74. Cashmere Scarf

Gift a cashmere scarf to your girlfriend as it will keep her warm during winters and will add some style to her look.

#75. Wall Clocks

Best gift for girlfriend

You can go for choosing the wall clock as per the colors of the wall of her room and curtains as well. Make sure to buy one that would match the surrounding while being hung up on the wall.

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#76. Custom Perfume

Go for a unique customized perfume for her. Check for her favourite kind of smell like floral, fruity, etc. and customize in the perfume to gift her.

#78. Earphones

To keep her focus away from all the distractions around, gift her earphones. With this one, she would be able to listen to music, watch movies and do her work at peace.

#79. Hair Bands

Hair bands are something that always gets disappeared after just one use and girls keep on looking for them everywhere. Gift her a bunch of hair bands in different colours so that she is never out of them ever again.

Best gift for girlfriend

#80. Cozy Blanket

To make sure that she sleeps well, gift her a cozy blanket that would keep her warm all night long without disturbing her sleep.

#81. Passport Holder

Passport holders come in hundreds of designs and you can even customize them by adding your name, initials, or any picture on them. Gift her one such customized passport holder so that she keeps her passport safe in it.

#82. Personalized Pen Set

best gift for girlfriend

You can also go for personalized pens for your girlfriend. Go for adding some quote or anything on them and gift a set of pens to her.

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#83. Speakers system

Everybody likes to listen to music and to add fun to the parties and get-togethers, speakers system is a must. Gift her the same with all the latest features and great sound.

#84. Car Charger

Today, nobody can live without their mobile phone and in order to charge them, there is a need for a charger. Thus, to make life easy, gift her a car charger so that she can easily charge her phone on the go.

#85. Photo Collage/Frame

Gift her a photo collage made out of both of your many pictures together. This would really be a very special gift for her as it will include all your memories.

#86. Phone Cover

A stylish looking phone cover is a great idea to gift to your girl. Search for nice design to gift her.

#87. Sleeping eye mask

To make all those sleepless nights to sleepful nights, gift a sleeping eye mask to your girlfriend. With this one, she would not get distracted by the things around and will sleep comfortably.

#88. Water Bottle

A water bottle is a great option to gift as not everyone carries a water bottle while going out of their home, but everyone feels thirsty. So, gift a cute and handy water bottle to your girlfriend that would easily come inside her handbag.

#89. Coloured Eye Lens

If your girl wears contact lenses, you can gift 2-3 coloured lenses to her. Make sure that the colour of lenses that you choose would look good on her as not every coloured lens suit everybody. So, you better make a good choice about this one.

#90. E-Book Reader

If your girl is fond of reading, you can gift her an ebook reader as it can be used at night time as well where a simple book needs a light to be switched on.

best gift for girlfriend

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#91. Flower Pot

A flower pot would make the environment beautiful and healthy not only for your girlfriend but for everyone else around.

#92. Smartphone/laptop Covers

You can gift her a good quality laptop cover or sleeve to protect the laptop from all the scratches and dust.

#93. Smart Jewellery

Smart jewellery works much like a smartwatch like it helps to track fitness, gives you notifications, etc. They come to work in rings, necklaces, bracelets, stones, etc. to gift to your girl.

#94. Crystal Ball

If your girl knows how to work with a crystal ball and predict future with the help of it, you can gift the same to her.

#95. Shoe Rack

A shoe rack would help your girl to manage all her footwear easily without creating a mess in the room.

#96. DSLR Camera

Girls love being clicked and then post those pictures on social media. A DSLR camera would prove as a great gift for your girlfriend and will let her click good quality pictures.

#97. Lamp

You can gift your girlfriend a beautiful lampshade that she would keep in her room and will always remember your whenever it gets switched on.

#98. Couple rings

Buy a pair of couple ring for your girlfriend and yourself. One will remain with you and the other will remain with her. It will keep you both connected despite being at far off places.

#99. Fountain Explosion Box

Put your duo pictures inside or some love notes and let it all explode with a fountain explosion box.

#100. Himalayan rock salt lamp

Best gift for girlfriend

A very unique gift to give to your girl is the Himalayan rock salt lamp. This has a lot of health benefits like it cleans the air around, soothe allergies and boosts mood, etc.

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