11 Best Gifts for Your Girlfriend On Her Birthday

Last Update on 16th March 2019

If you want to make your girl feel extra special on her birthday, get her the perfect gift that she loves, enjoys, and cherishes for years to come.

The biggest dilemma, for many however is to find that perfect gift that tells her how much she means to you.

The good news is that with a bit of planning, you can find a range of gifts that will make her feel like the luckiest girl alive. You can find several ideas right here that will make it a lot easier for you to plan your special someone’s birthday.

So go ahead and take a peek!

Unique Birthday Gifts For Your Girlfriend

There is nothing better than gifting your girlfriend something that is as unique as her. Of course a unique gift has to be something that suits her personality perfectly. Here are some options to pick from.

#1. Helicopter Ride Together

If your girl is into adventure sports, she is sure to love this one. Exciting and fun filled, this makes for a unique, adrenaline pumped experience to cherish forever.

Most cities have exclusive helicopter rides that can be booked for individuals and couples. This includes a tour of the city and some of its most popular destinations.

You can choose helicopter rides that are most recommended in the country. For instance, enjoy Goa with Pawan Hans, Jaipur with Heritage on Air or Udaipur with Mewar Helicopter Services. Give her a fun gift hamper or read out a beautiful poem to her when you are mid-air to give her butterflies in her stomach.

Price Range: Rs.2800 per head onwards

How it makes her feel special: This is almost a magic carpet ride kind of feeling for her. You will literally sweep her off her feet with a gift like this one.

#2. Fitness Tracker

This gift is perfect for women who are sporty and active or are planning to be. Choose a good quality fitness tracker such as FitBit or Polar A360.

You can also plan to buy a pair of fitness trackers and set fitness goals the two of you to attain together.

Price range: Rs.4999- Rs16,000

How it makes her feel special: This gift shows her that you are concerned about her health and fitness. If your girlfriend is interested in fitness and health already, it shows her that you appreciate the effort that she is putting into herself.

#3. Watch cum Bracelet

This gift is perfect for girls who love to accessorize in style. It not only adds to her looks but also speaks volumes about your taste in gifting.

Depending on the budget, pick a beautiful Titan Raga Watch or a luxurious Emporio Armani Bracelet Watch. You definitely cannot go wrong with this gift as it is a versatile gift that is more than just an accessory. Beautifully crafted, these bracelet watches are sure to make your girlfriend ecstatic.

How it makes her feel special: The fact that you decided to spend a whopping sum on your girl’s gift never goes unnoticed and tells her she means a lot to you. It is an accessory that can be worn with just about every outfit she picks and girls love statement pieces in their wardrobe.

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#4. Leather Laptop Bag

Perfect for the academically oriented or career driven gals; a sophisticated leather laptop bag is a great, practical gift. Show your woman that you are supportive of her drive towards her career or academics with this gift.

Depending on your budget and your girlfriend’s personality, you can choose a colorful McKlein USA laptop briefcase or an edgy Siamod black laptop bag.

How it makes her feel special: This gift tells your girlfriend that you are proud of her professional achievements. She will have it with her all day and it will remind her of your love and thoughtfulness.

Creative Birthday Gifts For Your Girlfriend

The most important thing for a woman is the thought that you put in while choosing a gift for her. Get creative this time and show her that you are willing to make that extra effort. Use your best skills to create some of the most fantastic gifts for her.

#5. Hamper of Personalized Gifts

Put together a birthday hamper for your girlfriend with items that have been personalized either with message engravings, photographs, or her name.

Several websites offer easy personalization online. You can pick items from a selection of photo crystals, personalized desktop accessories, a cushion to snuggle with, a pen, personalized fragrance, a wallet with her name engraved on it, a photo box, and much more depending upon your budget.

To make it even more special, try to collect pictures from her friends and family as well and go back to her childhood days. Some great websites to explore for personalized gifts are – Perfico, Printvenue, Archies, Prestogifts, and Printvista.

Price Range: Rs. 3000 onwards for every hamper

How it makes her feel special: Knowing that you went through all the trouble to not only gift her a customized hamper, but also brought back some of her most cherished memories is a beautiful feeling for every girl.

#6. Week Long Birthday

Why not make her feel special the entire week instead of just one day. The idea is to give her gifts for a whole week, leading up to the actual date. Some of the great gifts can be:

Day 1: Flower bouquets (Rs.500 onwards)

Day 2: Care packages with some of her favorite beauty products (Rs.1200 onwards)

Day 3: Online Gift cards from Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, or Myntra (Rs.1000 onwards)

Day 4: A luxury Perfume (Rs.1500 onwards)

Day 5: Chocolate hampers (Rs.500 onwards)

Day 6: Jewellery (Rs.2500 onwards)

Day 7: Romantic date or a day out shopping. (Rs.2000 onwards)

To make it even more special, add handwritten letters each day and throw her a surprise birthday on the last day with all her best friends.

Price Range: Rs.8000 onwards

How it makes her feel special: The fact that you have taken the trouble to plan not one but seven special gifts, tell her that you really care about making her feel good.

Romantic birthday gifts for girlfriend

Although any gift that you choose by making a special effort becomes romantic, here are a couple of ideas that will spell romance straight away.

#7. Jewellery Engraved with a Personalized Message

A bracelet, a pendant, or even a ring with a special message just for her is one of the most romantic things you can get for your girlfriend.

You can buy sterling silver jewelry that starts from Rs.2500. If you have the budget, pamper her with a Swarovski bracelet or necklace. The message can include romantic sayings, the exact date when you started dating, or even a message that is personal to the two of you.

Price Range: Rs.2500 onwards

How it makes her feel special: Women hold memories close their heart. Telling her things that she wants to hear in the form of a piece of engraved jewelry is extremely endearing and she is sure to cherish it.

#8. His and hers spa day

Pamper your girl with an exclusive spa date. There are several couples packages that include aromatherapy, chocolate massages, and even vinotherapy.

This is the perfect way to spend time with your woman and de-stress together. It gives you time to bond with each other, enjoy each other’s company and just let go of all the worries that you may have.

Price Range: Rs.2500 to Rs.5000

How it makes her feel special: Which girl does not love to be pampered? Especially if it is with her man, she will not miss it for the world.

Memorable Gifts for Girlfriend

Memorable gifts are ones that either trigger a memory that you have shared with your special someone or are gifts that are so special that they help create memories to cherish forever. Here are a few ideas that will help you do both!

#9. Wine Hamper

If your woman loves to unwind with a glass of wine, she is sure to love this one.

You can either pick out her favorite bottles of wine and make a beautiful hamper or choose from several wine hampers available online on sites such as Gifts and Flowers. These hampers include chocolates, cake, teddy bears and even gift cards along with a bottle of great tasting wine.

To make it more memorable for her, you can even include a letter that lists the best memories that you created with your lady over a glass of wine.

If you have had special bottles for special occasions, make sure you include them. This will bring back some of her favourite times.

You also have wine based spa products that can add to your hamper to make it more luxurious.

Price Range: Rs. 3500 onwards

How it makes her feel special

When you remember things that she enjoys, it really speaks volumes to her. Just knowing that you remember her favorite brand of wine will bring a smile on her face.

#10. A classic Polaroid Camera

Give her a chance to capture every single moment that she spends with you or otherwise with this wonderful gift.

Polaroid cameras are trending now and are perfect for girls who love to take pictures. Whether it is a selfie or the picture of a special moment in time, a Polaroid camera ingrains it on paper forever in minutes.

Expert Advice – To make it even more special, go to some places that you have shared some of your best memories in and take a few Polaroids. Then, handwrite a message about each place to make a scrapbook. Give her the scrapbook along with the camera with a note and watch her eyes light up.

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How it makes her feel special: Pictures are a moment frozen in time. Women love and cherish their special moments. A polaroid camera is vintage, classy, and a very stylish gift option that not only speaks of your taste but also makes for a gift that creates delightful memories for her.

#11. Hobby enrollment

If you have heard her talking about pursuing a long pending hobby for months now, this is the best time to make it happen.

Find a great photography, yoga, zumba, painting, calligraphy, cooking, or dance class and get her enrolled in it.

But be tactful to find out the timings that suit here best. You can also look for something to do together.

Further, make a care package with products that she might need for the class. Here are some ideas that you can explore:

  • Zumba/dance classes – Zumba merchandize including clothing, bands, a gym bag and a sipper (Rs.5000-6000 if you buy merchandize from Zumba/ Rs.3000 onwards for other brands)
  • Yoga classes – Yoga Wear, a mat and a collection of aroma candles and incense sticks (Rs.2500 onwards)
  • Cooking classes – Professional knife kit (Rs.2300 onwards)
  • Painting classes – Pencil sets, paint and brush sets with a canvas set (Rs.3000 onwards)
  • Calligraphy classes – Calligraphy pen set (Rs.1500 onwards)

Price Range: Rs.2,000 onwards per monthly membership

How it makes her feel special: This tells her that you listen when she talks about what she really wants to learn, you care about her interests, and want to gift her something that gives her happiness.

Giving a gift that your special someone loves is not that difficult. It just takes some thought and some extra effort to execute it perfectly. So, go ahead and use some of these great ideas to make your girl happy.

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