Best Gift for Husband

100 Gifts for husband

Finding a perfect gift especially when it comes gifting to a husband, is not an easy task. The gift can be something that he has been longing for in his professional or personal life, whatsoever. It can be related to his hobby or any memory of you two.

List his favourite things in your mind along with his way of doing each and every work in his life before buying a gift for him. And to help you more, below given is the list of 100 gift ideas that you can gift your husband.

Best Gifts for Husband on His First Birthday After Marriage

#1. Watch

This one is on the top due to this 2-in-1 feature. It will add style along with punctuality to your man’s personality. After a watch in his hand, he will never be late to meet you especially.

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#2. Books

Knowledge is the best gift one can give to someone and books are the primary source of it. You can gift your husband a novel or any other book you would like him to read.

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#3. Kindle

Kindle is a perfect one for all the book lovers out there. Being a digital version of books, your husband can read his favourite books on the Kindle at any place whether it is while travelling in the plan or other transfer or while relaxing on his own bed.

#4. Fitness Tracker

If your husband is a fitness freak, this one would prove out to be the best for him. And, if he is not, then also you can gift a fitness tracker to him to inculcate the habit of doing exercise and be fit.

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#5. Smartwatch

Apart from adding a pinch of style, a smartwatch can do almost all the tasks that of a smartphone. It would make your husband’s life easier as with this, he would not need to take out his phone all the time rather use its functions on a smartwatch.

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#6. Chain

You can gift him some jewellery in the form of a chain, which will add a sense of fashion. And, if it is some precious metal, then it can serve as an investment also.

#7. Pendant

Another one to add a pinch of style is the pendant. They come in varied designs and shapes to choose from.

#8. Ring

Filled with a lot of charm is the ring. You can customize it, like add the initials of your husband on the inside of the ring. Also, it can be with or without a stone.

#9. Bracelet

Many men love wearing bracelets and they have a different one to match their different outfits. You can gift your husband the one with a sporty look or a classic one, whichever he likes more.

#10. Designer Shoes

Shoes are never out of fashion and one can never have enough of it. Go to his favourite brand and make him surprised.

#11. Coffee Press Machine

Men have a habit of working late at night and to accompany their work, they always need a cup of coffee with them. And, thus, a brewing machine can make their work easier and faster by preparing coffee in seconds.

#12. Sunglasses

A different type of sunglass is required with a different attire. Go for a trendy one to gift to your husband to make his look complete.

#13. Mobile

Who doesn’t love a brand new mobile phone? Go for the latest one with all the features and specifications that he likes in his favourite brand.

#14. Wallet

A wallet is always an easy option to gift a man as he will use in his routine life. There is an option for a leather or an aluminium wallet. It will keep your husband’s money and cards safe and secured.

#15. Headphones

Everybody likes to listen to songs and watch movies. And, when it comes to doing the same without disturbing others, headphones are great to deal for it. You can gift your husband a pair of headphones so that he can do his work without with some peace for himself and for others as well.

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#16. Wall Art

Any art related to the idol of your husband or any other nature painting can be given in order to decorate his surroundings.

#17. DSLR

People today are very keen to post their pictures on social media. They want superb quality pictures, which can be attained with the help of a DSLR camera. It clicks clear and professional photographs in no time. You can gift it to your husband so that he can click his good quality pictures at all times.

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#18. Birthday card

This can be given to him on his birthday. You can go for the ones in stores or can make one from your own hands and write the things you want to tell him in it.

#19. An Echo Dot

If talking about the latest technologies, then an echo dot is a great option to gift. With this, the person can never get bored and its voice command application is just so amazing and useful at the same time.

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#20. Laptop

This one is an easy option to go with. And, at the same time, it is useful too. Go for the latest and those specifications that would help your husband with his work.

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#21. Greeting card

A greeting can never go wrong. It can even be found even on the last minute from any gift shop. Gift him a greeting card that describes your wishes in the best way.

Romantic Gifts for Husband

#22. Bouquet

A bouquet of fresh flowers can never go wrong. They bring in positive vibes and cheer along with them. Also, each type and color of a flower gives out a different emotion that you not might convey in your words.

#23. Photo Coasters

These are something that everybody uses at their homes and offices. So, you can go for the customized ones and can add the picture of both of you or only of him on them.

#24. Scented Candle

A pleasant smell refreshes the mind and erases all the stress.

#25. Sweater

To keep him protected from all the cold winds, you can buy him a nice, stylish and warm sweater.

#26. Reasons, I Love You Stones

These work as a message for him. Go for some personalized stones and write whatever you want to tell him to make him feel special.

#27. Couple’s Keychain

Buy a pair of couple’s keychain and keep its one part with you and gift another one to your husband. It will be always special to him will remain every time with him.

#28. Photo Collage/Frame

Collect some beautiful memories of you and your husband and make out a photo collage out of them to attach in a photo frame.

#29. Happy Jar

You can go for writing small notes for your husband as his birthday gift. Write about the things that are special to you both, his good points, your bond for him, etc. This would be very special for him and you can convey all your thoughts easily. This can be 100, 365 (a note for each day of the year) or can be of any number.

#30. Cozy Blanket

This one will always remind them of you because of its coziness. A blanket is primarily used while sleeping. It is a good option to gift to your husband as it will keep him warm during the whole of the night.

#31. Poster

A handmade poster related to some special memory can be gifted. It will always remember him of you as well as the memory, which you will give it to him.

#32. Hand Mould

With the help of a hand moulding and casting kit, you can take out a hand mould of you and your husband and can gift to him.

#33. Handwritten letters

Letters can convey the message without compromising on the emotions and sentiments. Also, they can convey something that cannot be conveyed through talking.

Best Gift for Husband’s Birthday

#34. Sony PlayStation

With this one, your gaming addict husband will not go to his friend’s home rather stay in his own home while playing his favourite games.

#35. Nintendo

Nintendo is another one to gift to your gaming addict husband. It has all the games that your man loves and will become his favourite thing to do while at home.

#36. MP3 player

For all the music lovers out there, an MP3 player is the best buy. Just plug in the earphones and play your favourite music without any disturbance.

#37. Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Another wireless gadget combo that not only helps with the clumsy handling but also keeps the harmful rays coming from the screens at a distance. For the husband’s who stay a lot of time in front of their computers and laptops can be gifted a wireless keyboard and mouse set.

#38. Personal Air cooler

A personal air cooler will keep all the heat and sweat away from your partner while not using much space in the area and can be easily carried along.

#39. Gopro

This company manufactures photographic equipment including the cameras. This can be a perfect gift for a man who loves photography.

#40. Guitar

Men love playing the guitar and they have some kind of special connection with it. You can gift a guitar to your husband in order to encourage him if he is thinking of learning it or if he has any interest in music.

#41. Flute

If your husband has any interest in learning some music, you can gift him a flute as it is easy to learn and gives out a pleasant and calming sound.

#42. Digital Camera

A digital camera is small and compact and, thus it is easy to carry along. Gift one to your husband to make his work-related trips great with some good pictures.

#43. High-Tech Luggage

In order to make the travelling full of joy and not of pain, gift a smart luggage to your husband. They come with GPS technologies and charging sockets to make the trip safe and comfortable.

#44. Jacket

A jacket can be worn on any occasion and they go with the jeans as well as formal pants. Gift a branded or a non-branded one to your husband to give him all the warmth.

#45. T-shirt

For more casual-look loving husbands, you can gift a t-shirt in order to provide them with all the comfort they need.

#46. Shirt

Another cloth wear that you can gift is a shirt. This one is more for the formal and professional gatherings. It gives the look of a gentleman.

#47. Jeans

In the bottom wear, you can go for jeans. They are a good option for formal as well as non-formal gatherings.

#48. Tie

The old and classic gift for a man is a tie and is never out of style. It can add a sense of completeness immediately to one’s look.

#49. Cap

To give some protection from the sun along with a cool look, you can gift your partner a cap. It can be worn while going out casually with friends or with you.

#50. Hoodie

Another upper wear that comes for both seasons, that is, summers, as well as winters, is a hoodie. It is very comfortable to wear and can be worn with a pair of jeans.

#51. Romper

A romper suit is a one-piece or two-piece outfit. It is comfortable and offers great movement. Also, people wear it as a fashion statement. Add some sense of style to your husband’s clothing by gifting him a romper.

#52. Keyring

In order to manage all of them, you can gift a keyring to your partner. There is always a scope of customization in it. Go for adding initials or pictures to gift him, which will always remind him of you.

#53. Sneakers

Sneakers are super comfy and easy to wear. Gift a pair of sneakers to your husband to provide him with all the comfort.

#54. Men’s Hamper

One very good option is to go for a hamper that would include all the things that your husband would like to have as a gift such as grooming tools.

#55. Golf Travel Set

This one is a good option if your husband has even a minimal of interest in sports. This will carry all the equipment required to play the sport and can be carried along easily while travelling.

#56. MMA Heavy-Bag Kit

Another one in the sports field is the MMA heavy-bag kit. With this, your husband can practice punching anywhere.

#57. Wine

If the person is fond of drinking the wine, you can gift him a bottle of wine. Flavoured one is a great option to gift.

#58. Wine glasses

Along with a bottle of wine is the requirement of some very stylish and attractive wine glasses. You can club them with a wine bottle or can give separately.

#59. Laptop bag

Laptop bag comes in various designs and colours. Go for a lightweight one in your husband’s favourite colour to gift him.

#60. Cufflink

You can gift a classic cufflink to your husband that would go with most of his shirts.

#61. Belt

A belt is also one useable gift. You can go for a branded or a non-branded one as per your wish in order to gift to your husband.

#62. Travel storage bag

A travel storage bag would help your husband to keep all his things in a bag safely while going for a business trip or anywhere else.

#63. Coffee jug

For the ones who like to prepare their coffee manually can be gifted a coffee jug in order to shake all the ingredients well in one go.

#64. Beard Grooming Kit

Men are very particular about their beards. In order to keep their beard perfect, you can gift him a beard grooming kit.

#65. Anti Theft Backpacks

The anti-theft back will keep all your husband’s things secured and safe with him if he is careless with his stuff. And thus it is a good option to gift him.

#66. Rucksack For Travelers

Travellers, especially the ones who walk a lot such as hikers, are always in need of a good backpack that would include many of their things without spilling. Gift one good quality rucksack to your husband that could include all his things without damaging them.

#67. Passport Holder

This one is in trend nowadays. Gift him a trendy passport holder so as to keep the passport safely and in style.

#68. Soft Scarf

Scarfs are carried to add a pinch of style to one’s look. A soft scarf would do the work for your husband by completing their look and making them look fashionable.

#69. Pyjama Set

A pyjama is not at all a bad idea to gift. It is highly comfortable and is a favourite wear for everyone while at home or when they want to be all comfy.

#70. Personalized Pen Set

Men always carry a pen with them, and, therefore you can buy a personalized pen set for him that would suit his personality.

#71. Portable Speakers

Today is the era of all advanced technology and wireless devices. Go for gifting the portable speakers to your husband that he could carry along with him without the need for plugging them into an outlet.

#72. Night Socks

Many people have a habit of wearing socks while sleeping as it makes them feel comfortable. Go for a pair of socks that are made up of very soft material so as to give all the comfort to your husband for the whole of the night.

#73. Good Pocket Comb

Men like their hair to be perfect at all times. A good quality pocket comb can make their task easier by helping them to comb their hair at any place.

#74. Alarm Clock

An alarm clock can be gifted to your husband to make him punctual. This will not be his favourite anytime but will add positive change to his personality by making him punctual.

#75. Car Charger

A charger is required to charge all the devices and gadgets without whom we cannot imagine our lives today. And, when it comes to a car charger, it would act as a cherry on the pie. Your husband can use it while travelling from one place to another to charge his phone easily.

#76. Wall Clocks

Today, mobile phones have cut down on the need for buying a clock to look at the time. But, wall clocks are old, yet classic and helps to decorate the walls along with adding punctuality.

#77. Playing Card Set

Playing cards would be a nice gift for your husband if he likes to play such games. Your time will never get boring with this one during house parties.

#78. Paperweights

If your husband has a desk job then he can be gifted a paperweight as it can always be kept on his table to keep all his important documents in place.

#79. Sunglass Travel Case

While travelling, we often keep our things here and there and at last find them damaged. Sunglasses are one of those delicate things that need some storage case. Gift one to your husband to keep his sunglasses safe.

#80. Watch Case

If your man is fond of wrist watches and has many of them, you can give him a watch case. This will help him to keep all his watches in one place. It will also allow him to easily choose one of them to wear at a time.

#81. Mobile Cover

A mobile cover can never be a bad idea to gift. You can go for a simple black coloured one or something that has a picture of his favourite actor, sports, etc.

#82. Virtual Reality Headsets

These are used in the games nowadays and give a virtual experience to the user. Your gaming addict husband will like it very much.

#83. Hand Gloves

Hand gloves can be the winter gloves or the summer gloves, whichever is the demand of the season. Both of them work to protect the hands and fingers of the individual from cold and harsh sun rays simultaneously.

#84. Tablet

Many times people avoid using laptops due to their large size and heavy weight and in place of them, they use tablets. Tablets are easy to carry, use and store. You can gift one to your husband to makes things easy for him.

#85. Card Holder

In order to protect your man’s all the credit and debit cards, you can gift him a cardholder that will keep all his cards safe and at one place.

#86. Gift Card

A gift card of his favourite brand is the easiest gift to give someone. With this, an individual can buy the stuff according to his own wish.

Surprise Gifts for Husband

#87. Customized Perfume

There are many stores that help you create your own personalized perfume. It is a great one to gift to your husband his favourite fragrance.

#88. Personalized Golf Balls

If your husband likes to play golf, then you can gift him some personalized golf balls. You can mark his favourite letter, number or any other design that he likes.

#89. Chocolate Box

Everybody likes chocolate and a box of it is all so amazing. You can go for a customized one as well in order to put in all the favourite chocolates of your husband to make him happy even more.

#90. Martini Set

A martini set includes all the tools required for making those perfect mocktails and drinks. This one is a great gift for the party animals.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Husband

#91. Wall Plaque

A wall plaque contains some meaningful quote or design or a picture of some special person and is hanged on a wall. It works as a memory apart from being a decorative material.

#92. Whiskey Stones

In order to let him keep his drink chilled all the time, whiskey stones can be gifted. And, people drink majorly on special occasions, so at those special moments, he will use these stones.

#93. Sound Wave Art

Another one is a sound wave art of your voice or any voice that is special to him. This one can be hanged on the wall or be kept in a frame on the table.

#94. Plant

Gifting a plant would add to the environment as well as to your man’s health by providing enough oxygen. You can go for an indoor small plant that would not require much sunlight and water and thus, will work at his workplace as well.

#95. Geode Coasters

They are also known as Agate coasters and are kept in the surroundings to bring in the positive energies and remove the negative ones.

#96. Apron

For the chef husbands, there is an apron, which would motivate them to cook even more often without spoiling their clothes.

#97. Edible Gold Leaf Cookies

Who doesn’t like gold? And, that too edible one on his favourite cookies will make him very happy.

#98. Monogram Champagne Flutes

These are the customized champagne flutes. You can print a message on the glasses to gift it to your husband.

#99. Phone Docking Station

A docking station is used to keep the device safe in one place. It also charges the device at the same time. If your man works in an office and has a messy table around then this one is going to prove really useful for him.

#100. Wooden Watch

Wooden watches are handcrafted and, hence are quite expensive. They give out a well-off look to someone’s personality. A gift to your husband one royal looking wooden watch to match with his style.

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