Best deodorant for women

11 Best Deodorant for Women in India 2018

Last Updated: 19 September 2018 Be it raging heat, terrible rains or freezing winters, the most important reason for wearing a deodorant is simple – to smell good. However, it is important to pick the right do that compliments your body fragrance and enhances it without being overpowering. The main use of a deodorant is … Read more

best deodorant for men in india

11 Best Deodorant for Men in India 2018

Last Updated – 20 Sep 2018 I have prepared a list of best deodorant for men in India. Before going to the list, let’s have a look why do you need a deodorant. For men, it becomes mandatory to use deodorants before they go out because their body tends to release more sweat and odor than … Read more

15 Best Perfumes for Men in India 2018 Review

Last Updated: 19 Sep 2018 Women find great smelling men quite appealing. However, for a man, wearing a good perfume is more than just being appealing. A good scent is an extension of one’s personality. It is definitely an indication of being well groomed. Perfumes are also associated with luxury. Along with that perfumes make … Read more